Monday, June 22, 2015

Blog update

Some changes happened here:
  • English language - first of all from now on I will I think I will write in English, and as nobody reads it anyway I will give no reasons why. And I think I will skip on long stories, just essential information that might be useful to somebody, but mostly will be useful to me.
  • New home - domain got disabled as a result fraud that I know nothing about, I tried contacting for more details but they could not give me the exact reasons, so as I was forced to change the domain, I decided to change the blog location also, and here I am at, also reachable by
And that is all, If anyone stumbles across this page do not hope to get regular post here, it might look deserted, it might even be deserted, I still did not figured out why I even started this blog :) You can find more silly stuff shared by me on my Google+ profile, but again do not hope for regular post there either.