Sunday, July 4, 2021

How to run web apps in background

Most popular browsers stop web apps when there is another full screen app in the foreground.

To fix that on Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc) go to chrome://flags and disable #calculate-native-win-occlusion.

Update 1: This flag is being removed, for now it can be temporary brought back enabling flags starting with #temporary-unexpire-flags, but not for long.

Update 2: The flag is gone. Another solution would be adding command line parameter --disable-features=CalculateNativeWinOcclusion, found on r/Granblue_en subreddit.

Update 3: Looks like the flag #calculate-native-win-occlusion is back in version 101+, but I would suggest using both the flag and the command line parameter.

To fix that on Firefox go to about:config and here are some options:

Chrome also suspends non-active tabs. Disabling flag #intensive-wake-up-throttling or extension The Great Suspender should remedy that, however it did not work for me at a first glance. Not sure about Firefox.